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About us

CRO UNUM is charity with vision, pledge and a determination to make a difference. CRO UNUM measures results in a very simple manner…the benefit provided to our recipient friends through the commitment of our sponsors and donors.

CRO UNUM Society members took part in organizing one of the largest humanitarian fundraiser such as it is “From the Heart” in the crowded Poljud Stadium in Split, which was dedicated to the memory of the firemen who died in the tragic fire-fight operation on Kornati archipelago; Varaždin sports and music event “With Heart for Knowledge” (Match between the Blazers who played at the time when Mirolav Blažević Ćiro was the Croatia team manager and the members of the society) with the aim of funding the National Trust for Student Standard of Living; humanitarian event at Christmas in 2008 for the children who lost both parents; humanitarian event “Our Little World” with the purpose of raising funds for Children’s Daycare Hospital in  The University Hospital Center Split – a concert and an exhibition soccer match between prominent croatian and italian public figures. The society has recently presented a statue to the Šibenik-Knin Diocese depicting Our Lady of Travel, which is placed the resting stop Krka just above the village of Skradin.

The society is a meeting place for those involved in sports, politics and business in Croatia who wish to contribute to developing solidarity and provide assistance to those who need it the most.




Prof. dr. sc. Dragan Primorac, President

Franjo Arapović, Executive Vice President
Jako Andabak, Executive Vice President
Mate Bulić, Executive Vice President
Prof.dr. Iva Dekaris, Executive Vice President
Prof.dr. Igor Jukić, Executive Vice President
Silvija Londero, Executive Vice President
Sanja Mlačak, Executive Vice President
Vedran Mlikota, Executive Vice President
Zoran Primorac, Executive Vice President
Dario Šimić, Executive Vice President
Ante Todorić, Executive Vice President

Dr. Tomislav Madžar, General Secretary