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Traditional gathering of the Charitable Society CRO UNUM and the Croatian-Israeli Business Club (CIBC), Plitvice, 02.06.2012.

The  Croatian Charitable Society CRO UNUM and the Croatian-Israeli Business Club (CIBC) have organized their traditional annual gathering and have hosted 80 prominent members and friends of the Club and the Society.

The traditional gathering, hosted by Mr. Božo Čulo CIBC member and owner of Partner Bank d.d., was attended by many distinguished persons from the Croatian society, businessmen, judges, including the President of the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia Mr Ante Galic, doctors, deans, rectors, diplomats including Mr Pjer Simunovic, rector of the University of Rijeka Prof. Pero Lucin, member of the Board of Podravka Mr Jorn PedersenProf.  Stipe Oreskovic, Mr Ante Todoric, Mr Jako Andabak, president of the Croatian Employers Association Mr Ivan Miloloža, Prof. Nikica Gabric, Mr. Gojko Ostojic, famous Croatian athletes Mr Franjo Arapović, Mr Zoran Primorac, Mr Veljko Mršić, Ms Ivana Brkljacic, famous singer Mr Mate Bulic and many others.

During the meeting the president of the Croatian-Israeli Business Club (CIBC) and the Croatian Charitable Society CRO UNUM Prof. Dragan Primorac used this opportunity to thank all the members, friends and supporters of CIBC and CRO UNUM for all their efforts and energy invested in many successful projects organized by this two organizations, and expressed his excitement for all the projects planned for the near future.

On this occasion the guests were presented the anthem of the Croatian Charitable Society CRO UNUM named ‘I love you Croatia’ composed by the famous Croatian composer Mr Neno Nincevic and performed by the famous Croatian singer Mr Đani Stipaničev.

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