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Official handover of the new home to the National defender Alenko Barač Roje, Split, 19.09.2011.

Primopredaja stana Alenku Baraču, Split, 19.09.2011.Today, on September 19th, 2011, the Croatian Charitable Society CRO UNUM has handed over an apartment to Alenko Brač Roje (63), a homeless veteran from Split. It was the president of the society, Mr Dragan Primorac, who gave the idea that CRO UNUM provide the fully paid lodging to Mr Barač Roje for a year and at the same time urge the appropriate government bodies to help find a lasting solution for Mr Barač’s housing problem.

Many media representatives, the Croatian public figures, dignitaries, members and affiliates of the society, attended the handover ceremony, such as the celebrated athlete Franjo Arapović, Admiral Ivica Tolić, President of the County HVIDRA (disabled veterans’ association) Mario Tomasović, Prof Stipan Janković, former Dean of The Faculty of Medicine, Dr Mladen Rakić, Director of the Sv Katarina hospital, Dr Tomislav Madžar, Secretary of the Society, Igor Zgrabljić, Croatian – General Secretary of the Croatian-Israeli business club, and a number of Alenko’s fellow soldiers. Mr Barač Roje was obviously excited when he was thanking the President of CRO UNUM, Mr Dragan Primorac, for his help, and stated that this event reinstated his trust in Croatia for which he fought, as well as the kind people who were always there. Prof Dragan Primorac pointed out that the CRO UNUM will cooperate with HVIDRA and the competent authorities to work out  veteran status of Mr Roje. “I am happy that we helped Alenko today because Croatia would not exist as a State if people like Alenko and others like him were not there. We, the society, will keep providing help as much as we can to all those who need it the most and this is our most important vision!”

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