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CRO UNUM team winning in the humanitarian soccer match in Gospić, 05.09.2011.

Ekipa Cro Unum-aAt the charity event in Gospić – a soccer match – the CRO UNUM charity team won with comfortable 6:3 against a team of Croatian clergy. The match was spectacular, the crowd could enjoy a lot of spectacular actions until the end of the match, which was played on the city stadium Balinovac in Gospić on  the Memorial Day of Croatian Martyrs from Udbina and construction of  the Church of Croatian Martyrs in Gospić.

CRO UNUM football team was lead by their manager and football star Mate Bulić, while CRO UNUM’s president was the team’s captain. Many notable Croatian atheletes and celebrities played in the match, including Franjo Arapović, Dario Šimić, Stjepan Tomas, Zoran Mamić, Boris Živković, Luka Vidovic, Slaven Knezović, Damir Primorac, Ivica Mornar, Mario Strilić etc.

The CRO-UNUM scorers were the society president Dragan Primorac (2), the Secretary-General Dr. Tomislav Madžar (1), Luka Vidović (1), Ivica Mornar (1), Mario Strilić (1).

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