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Election assembly of the CRO UNUM charitable society, 27.05.2011.

During their general assembly, members of the CRO UNUM charitable society were joined by members of the Croatian- Israeli Business Club. Israeli ambassador, Yosef Amrani, was also present as well as more than 70 members of the Society from sports, cultural, media, entertainment, business and academic circles of Croatia.
President of the CRO UNUM society, Prof.dr. Dragan Primorac presented the newly appointed vice presidents of the CRO UNUM charitable society. New executive Vice presidents are: Dario Šimić, Zoran Primorac, Franjo Arapović, Jako Andabak, Ante Todorić, Sanja Mlačak, Vedran Mlikota, Mate Bulić, prof.dr. Iva Dekaris nad prof.dr. Igor Jukić.
Along with the above mentioned members, also present at the general assembly were famous Croatian athletes and members of CRO UNUM Mario Ančić, Stojko Vranković, Arijan Kozniku, football coaches Branko Ivanković and Zlatko Dalić, sports manager Zoran Mamić, actors and entertainers Slaven Knezović and Luka Vidović, musicians Boris Novković, TV presenter Petar Vlahov, entrepreneurs Gojko Ostojić, Dinko Lucić, Božo Čulo, Ivan Miloloža, Ivan Rimac, pater Ivan Tolj, prof.dr.sc. Stipan Janković, parliament representative Stjepan Fiolić and many others.
President of CRO UNUM, Dragan Primorac presented an overview of past activities of the society whose members have organised large charitable actions in the Republic of Croatia, such as “Od src a” (From the heart) for the tragically deceased firefighters in Kornati. This charity event was held on the packed Poljud stadium in Split in 2007. Also CRO UNUM organised a great charity – music event in Varaždin “Srcem za znanje” (Hearts for knowledge) in 2008, (football match between the legendary 1998 Croatian national team lead by Ćiro Blaževič and the members of CRO UNUM), installation of the statue of Mary, Mother of God with baby Jesus on the Krka rest stop on the A1 Zagreb – Split highway in 2009, etc. He also reflected on the fact that this association gathers the most successful representatives of all professions in Croatia and pointed out that the vision of CRO UNUM is to strengthen the unity between the members of Croatian society, help all of those in need and give a positive contribution to the wider community.

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